Branding and Packaging


Since my day job is in advertising, the branding and packaging of my jewelry has been a fun project. I finally got to work on my own brand but I discovered that I am a horrible client. It’s so much harder to brand myself than it is other clients. I knew I wanted something elegant and neutral, something rustic yet modern. These are the broad strokes that made me spend hours sketching and sampling colors. I had to take a step back and deconstruct everything. But finally I arrived at the new logo and I’m very happy with it.


After the logo, I knew I wanted a multifunctional business card. I designed a card that I have printed at an online printer (PS Print) and then cut apart myself to create two earring cards/business cards. On the front, it’s more decorative and I incorporated two barely perceptable dots that I can punch through if I’m using as earring cards. On the back I have more contact info.


For packaging, I wanted something I could make myself and that I could adjust to the size of the piece. I found a pillow box making tool, which is cool for smaller pieces but not large enough for the collars. I kind of adapted that design and made it larger, using a template and scoring tool. I used kraft card stock. I found some terracotta colored washi tape to act as a ribbon and tacked a business card with a little sticky pearl accent. Of course I pack in plastic and padded envelope or box, but this is the pretty part.

I think it’s important to go that extra mile for customers–all a part of the experience.

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