Bohemian Beaded Buckle

buckle2This is my first beaded buckle and I will say the photo doesn’t do it justice (trying to get better at photographing my work). The salmon, coral and olive colors are so pretty and work well with the antique bronze color of the buckle. I actually was able to do this quickly since it’s pretty small (3×2) and requires no beaded backing or chain, etc. so the part of me that is driven by instant gratification was very happy.

I like this size belt buckle – I ordered it from Buckle Rage and it’s the perfect size for a woman. I wanted to do something that was natural, Bohemian (boho) and floral but abstract at the same time. I so wish the photo conveyed the colors and textures better. They look much more pink in the photo and in actuality the colors are more coral and salmon.

I will definitely be making more buckles – I have a larger silver one that I am thinking will go well with either blue or lavender stones that I have.

This buckle works with a lot of different styles – bohemian, western, casual upscale and I may end up keeping it for myself!!! Right now, though, it’s on Etsy if you want to take a look:

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