Portable Bead Studio

IMG_20150613_110043-02One of the reasons I started beading again, is that beading is such a portable art. At least in theory. When I was forging and soldering, I was pretty much chained to my bench, and hated to be away from my family. But I wasn’t quite sure how to make it portable, especially when there are so many beads, tools, threads and cabochons that I may need at any given moment 🙂

So I started with a portable bead board and really like the Bead Buddy bead mat that closes and snaps. It keeps everything together, although I will say the beads do slide around a bit but it’s good enough. Then I found a craft box at Michaels that has a top compartmentIMG_20150615_182747-01 large enough to stow the Bead Buddy and my bead backing, and then underneath are rows of compartments just right for bead jars. I like the bead jars that attach to each other and I just make long lines of them by color family. Then I can take out ones I want and attach ones I’m using to each other.

For my tools, I wanted something open that I could reach in and grab what I need fast. I also wanted it to be compartmentalized. I tried the scrapbooking organizers but they weren’t quite large enough. I also realized that I was going to need a different Ott Lite that was a bit more portable so I wanted a case that it could clip onto and that had a compartment for the cord and extension cord. I found this great, girly tool box at Kmart and it works perfectly. Plenty of compartments and tIMG_20150614_152516-01he sides are reinforced so my heavy Ottlite doesn’t rip the fabric or sag. When traveling, I detach the light and put in the toolbox.

Of course I had to prettify the plain Bead Buddy and storage case. I found some cool vinyl stickers that are actually supposed to be wall stickers. They work well and don’t peel.

Having this portable studio has made a huge difference. I brought it on vacation this week and beaded lakeside! Pretty sure that is heaven 🙂IMG_20150615_182651-01

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